9.00 am- 5.30 pm- Networking drinks from 5.30 pm

Talofa lava, Malo e lelei, Kia orana, Nisa bula vinaka, Taloha ni, Fakalofa lahi atu, Ni hao, Namaste, and warm greetings from Tamaki Makauruau.

Welcome to this ground-breaking event about the power of talk

Join experts from education, child development, family services and community organisations at this path-finding event. The Summit will be an exciting opportunity to focus collectively on early language. Talk is vital for our children to develop as confident thinkers, talkers and readers – in whatever languages they use. The programme will be dynamic and interactive, with plenty of opportunity to grow your networks.
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Share great work

Showcase what great work you are working on in early language. More info on our programme page here

Registration: $170

Why talk matters so much

Oral language underpins thinking and learning. Oral language is needed to communicate ideas, build relationships, think independently, participate in learning and is the foundation for literacy. Children need strong oral language to reach their potential; children who start school with limited oral language are at risk of poor literacy and life outcomes.

Talking literally helps shape neural pathways for learning when children's brains are forming -in the first three years of life - so our starting focus is to support families and communities to talk more and talk differently to infants and toddlers, promoting the kinds of talk that support learning. Interaction and talk in any language will help shape and develop babies' brains; the talk does not have to be in English.

Talking Matters partners and supporters

Talking Matters is led by COMET Auckland with seed funding from the NEXT Foundation.
The partners and supporters of the 2017 Summit are: