Weaving oral language into family literacy

In February 2017, we began working alongside 10 tertiary tutors who teach more than 120 adults in a family literacy programme Whānau Ara Mua, a Certificate in Intergenerational Learning - through the Solomon Group.

One of our key partners Dr Jannie van Hees and Emma Quigan designed a set of short sessions for the tutors to incorporate into their existing programme. The parents are giving us feedback on what happens when they interact and play with children, which will help us shape other resources for families.

Tutors will focus on the power of talk to build family relationships and promote learning.

Aha moments from tutors "I never knew that babies' brains began developing from such a young age" and, "the concept of gifting language to children rather than instructing them was new for me."

Thank you Solomon Group for working with us; together we are championing the message that talking more and talking differently makes a huge difference to children. Talk can, and should be, in any language – not just English!

Whānau Ara Mua tutors made a korowai (cloak) of standout points about oral language during their training


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