Tāmaki Toddlers Day out

Back in early December, we took Talking Matters to the Tāmaki Toddlers' Day Out. We spoke informally with parents about the importance of talk, and how it builds babies' brains. We shared how singing and chatting to babies spurs on their brain development.

We ran an informal poll and asked parents how they heard messages like this, and what media they preferred. Parents voted on the best way to spread messages about the importance of talk. Most families thought that the best way to reach them with the message about babies learning using talk, singing and reading was via their families and friends. The clear winner is hear by word of mouth with face-to-face conversations, followed closely by Facebook.

Children were lining-up to have a stamp on their hands, and whilst we did that, we talked to parents about our message and gave out stickers and flyers with interactive ideas. Other stall holders took Talking Matters as their theme too. Older children had the Juicy Word Hunt map to keep them busy and asked questions about new words.

And our special planning advice for any future event – avoid anyone on the team breaking their arm!
Photo: Susan Warren [CE COMET Auckland], Ana Fernandez [Talking Matters team member], Neriissa Henry [Maungakiekie-Tāmaki Local Board], Julia Moore [Talking Matters communications] and Alison Sutton [Talking Matters Director] at the Tāmaki Toddler Day Out.


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