We are working with three Auckland communities to explore what works for families that may be effective for Talking Matters to replicate and scale up.

What we are doing

• Supporting parent-led community action on talking, reading and storytelling with babies and young children.

• Developing and sharing tools, resources and strategies to support parents, whānau and families to interact, talk more and talk differently with children.

• Building capability in education, health and family services.

• Advocating for oral language to be more widely recognised, prioritised and resourced.

All ideas and resources developed will be available free and open source for use elsewhere in the country.

LENA - Language environment analysis

Empowering families though language data

Why is this work important?

• Families are keen to support their children’s learning but don’t always know the speed at which babies learn and the power of language in shaping their life chances.

• The value of home languages in building communication and literacy is not always acknowledged. It is increasingly important, as more families are culturally and ethnically diverse.

• Oral language is a pre-condition for reading and writing, yet there has been less focus on oral language in policy, funding and professional development.


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