Network meetings

May 2019: Doing cool things and learning about science

Talking Matters and COMET’s wonderful science communicator, Dr Sarah Morgan, teamed up at the May Network meeting to promote rich language about science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM). We tried out six different science activities, paying particular attention to how each activity promoted rich language.

WATCH: the highlights from the network session, explaining why talking about science matters to small children and illustrates ideas to try out in your centre or at home

DOWNLOAD: a booklet with the activities you try out in your centre or at home

February 2019: Early Learning Strategic Plan consultation

The network meeting looked at the Early Learning Strategic Plan, from the point of view of early language. The Ministry of Education's Auckland deputy director Tania Harvey gave a brief overview of the plan. Then 28 Talking Matters Network members worked through the goals and major recommendations. 

Read the consultation notes online 

These contributions went into the Talking Matters submission on the Plan. 

November 2018: Building resiliency through games

Two presentations about ENGAGE - Self-Regulation Intervention for Improved Life-Course Outcomes, an Aotearoa-grown game-based programme that teaches socio-emotional skills to children in ECE centres.

WATCH: Jimmy McLauchlan talks about the Methodist Mission Southern's trial of ENGAGE in Dunedin. And Anne Denham and Suzie Harris from the Auckland Kindergarten Association present an ENGAGE case study. 

September 2018: Talking About Feelings

Discussion: How are providers and services promoting talking about feelings? 

University of Auckland's Marie Clay Research Centre, research: Kirsten Sharman - Singing as a way of promoting language development. Amanda White - Talking matters but who is listening? Story-time interactions between parents, teachers and toddlers in a diverse community.  

Minutes and resources

June 2018: SKIP and the Parenting Resource

Homegrown: How SKIP materials and the online Parenting Resource can help build the capability of whānau and services to focus on early talk

Minutes and resources here

March 2018: The Power of Singing

The power of singing - Rachel Ballentyne, Mainly Music

How parent coaches in Tāmaki are encouraging families to increase back and forth talk with their children. - Emma Quigan, Talking Matters

Minutes and presentations here

May 2017: Early Language Inside Out

Experiences from Carnegie Foundation Summit on Improvement in Education - Emma Quigan (Talking Matters) and Suzie Harris (Auckland Kindergarten Association)

Extending their language - expanding their world:  Helen Crosswell and Maria Huni, Education Review Office 

Minutes and presentations

November 2016: Promoting talking & reading this summer

This newsletter is full of great ideas to get conversation flowing within families this summer. 

There were presentations from Auckland Libraries & The Storytime Foundation 

Read Meeting Minutes

September 2016: Mapping the field

This meeting was a celebration of the Seed-funding obtained from the Next Foundation and a collective reflection on the landscape of actions and initiatives around EOL. 

Download meeting minutes

July 2016 - Presentations on brain development and on Quality improvement

This meeting offered an opportunity to share two presentations on brain development and Talk, and Quality Improvement methodology applied to talk, respectively

Download Brainwave presentation about brain development

Download Emma Quigan's presentation on Quality improvement

April 2016- Setting the scene: What we know and what we need

In this meeting the network got together for some collective thinking around early oral language:

  • What we know
  • It’s everyone’s business
  • The importance of culture and bilingual education.
  • Resources/actions needed

Download meeting minutes

February 2016: How can the TMEF focus on Early language?

TMEF stands for Tāmaki Makaurau Education Forum, and it brings industry experts and community leaders from kōhanga to tertiary level together to synchronise the direction of Te Reo, its place in education and how we can collectively develop a dynamic approach to support strong language strategies. The meeting focused on finding strategies for the TMEF to focus on early language. 

Download meeting minutes                            Download presentation

October 2015 - Network Reflection and Resources development

This meeting was focused on Reflecting on the role of the network and developing "Talking Tools": resources to facilitate intentionally juicy interactions with babies and small children

Download Network reflections                                      Download Talking tools

April 2015- Early oral language and school readiness meeting

Key discussion/presentation  items:

  • What your organisation has done  about early oral language since last meeting
  • Early oral language definitions paper
  • Winston Churchill – Fellowship presentation (Alison Sutton)
  • Self review process – discussion led by MOE (Maryanne O’Hare, Kay Tracey

MOE session:  What makes a good communicator?  Download full notes


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