Registration: $170

Why we are holding this summit?

The quality of the interactions and conversations babies and small children experience shapes their readiness for learning and influences their chances of life success. Reading and writing are important – but listening and speaking come first. Talking Matters is raising the profile and increasing the focus on quality interaction and talk, as a key way of giving children a foundation for life. A key part of Talking Matters is to promote the importance of families sharing their strongest heritage language with small

Who should be at this summit?
The Summit is a starting point for important conversations across health, child development, education, family and parenting education and bilingual education, Any organisation that connects with families and whānau with small children can play a part in promoting quality interaction and talk that promotes learning, so we are encouraging a broad range of organisations to attend. The Summit is attracting leaders from communities, researchers, educators, public health and wellbeing, teacher educators and government agencies.

What the Summit will achieve
  • Speakers will highlight the importance of early language for children's development, learning and life success
  • Researchers will share what is known about early language from a range of perspectives
  • We will sow seeds for collaboration across sectors
  • Together we will gain insights on how to unpack the power of parents, family and community to talk, read, sing and interact more with our children.
Summit Showcase
Researchers and organisations have an opportunity showcase their work on early language during the Summit. The Showcase is an important for us to share and learn about action on talk across different sectors. There are three opportunities:

1. Poster displays of research projects focused on oral language in the early years
2. Posters of programmes that support parents to develop early language in families, in any language.
3. Resource display tables for organisations and programmes to display resources

To register your interest in a poster or display table, please email us. More information and guidelines coming soon.

Cancellation policy
Substitution: If, after booking this event you are unable to attend, you are welcome to nominate someone else to attend in your place. Please advise by email so a nametag will be available for the new participant.
Refund: Cancellation more than 60 days before the event: 100% refund


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