A campaign to get us talking more and differently to babies and young children

What's ahead in 2018 and what we did last year!

Our Talking Matters campaign is growing like a kumara vine. More and more people and organisations have joined, and there is more talk about talk around the country. Here's a summary of our mahi last year and what's ahead.   

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Everyone can be a part of Talking Matters

Talking Matters is a community-wide initiative, bringing together education, health and social services with whānau to promote the importance of talking more and talking differently with children, to maximise their potential. Talking is particularly important when children's brains are forming – in the first three years, so our focus is families with infants and toddlers. Read more

Language is an 'engine' for learning, thinking, literacy and life

We express our feelings and communicate with others through talk. The words we know and use influence our ability to think, learn and understand the world. Children are born wanting to communicate and learn. When the important adults in their world interact and respond to them, they thrive. Interaction and talk actually grows a baby's brain in their early years. That's why talking matters! 

A COMET Auckland initiative

Seed funded by the NEXT Foundation



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