He Waka Kōrero

8 week online wānanga around early language with pēpi for whānau growing reo Māori at home. 

About He Waka Kōrero

He Waka Kōrero is an 8 week online wānanga exploring the mātauranga Māori and science around language learning in the early years and how we can be intentional with using te reo Māori with pēpi.

This wānanga is for whānau who:

  • have pēpi / tamariki under 3 years or are hapū
  • are growing te reo Māori in their whānau
  • want to be intentional with growing te reo Māori with their pēpi

In the wānanga whānau can:

  • explore how babies and tamariki learn language
  • Explore communication through mana and tapu
  • connect with other whānau on a reo Māori haerenga
  • Develop a reo Māori plan using a waka navigation framework from our tūpuna



The wānanga will be held online on Tuesday mornings 9.30am - 10.45am from 2 August - 20 September. 

More information

While exploring some of the mātauranga Māori, science and strategies of language learning in the early years, whānau will use a waka navigation framework to get a clear idea of who is in their waka reo, what their reo Māori destination is, and what tohu will help you get there. Whānau will draw on what’s in their whakapapa to develop a reo Māori plan they can use with pēpi.

Whānau who have done the previous wānanga said they loved connecting with other whānau on a similar reo haerenga, having a space to share ideas about language learning in the kāinga, growing their connection with pēpi and having a Māori framework for reo Māori planning.

This wānanga is bilingual and is suitable for whānau wherever they are at in their reo Māori haerenga. While this isn’t a te reo Māori class, you may pick up some new reo. Rather, the focus will be drawing on the knowledge whānau have and finding ways to be more intentional about sharing language with pēpi.

Ko wai mātou?

The wānanga will be facilitated by Hana Tuwhare and supported by Anthony-Quinn Cowley and Tampy Bernard from Talking Matters. To find out more about them and the Talking Matters kaupapa, head over to the website - https://www.talkingmatters.org.nz/who-we-are/

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