I can reach anything

Life can be tough as a māmā, for some more than others. Despite the challenges, they want their tamariki to have it better than they got. Treens and Willow were on the Talking Matters kaupapa during their time at Granger Grove - Anglican Trust for Women and Children. With Willow now thriving at school, Treens  is back at the Grove supporting mums to build strong connections with their tamariki through kōrero.

Natural born Einsteins

Kōkako shows us how babies are born ready to communicate in all the languages of their whānau. In her home they share the taonga of te reo Māori, Quechuan (an indigenous language of Peru), Spanish and English.  Multilingualism supports neural connections as well as human ones. When we connect with our tūpuna and ancestral ties, our home languages connect us to each other and to our mother lands all over the world.

I Can Reach Anything

For some mamas doing it tough, the Talking Matters kaupapa supports them to feel pride, to be empowered and to have fun creating language rich environments for their tamariki. Treens and Willow met Talking Matters during their time at ATWC’s Granger Grove facility for mothers and children. With Willow now thriving at school, Treens is back at the Grove supporting other mums to build strong connections with their babies through rich early language.

Tūpuna parenting series

Tūpuna Parenting: Pepeha

Tūpuna Parenting: Pūrākau

Tūpuna Parenting: Mana and Tapu

Tūpuna Parenting: Waiata Oriori

Talking Matters – it’s never too early to talk with your baby

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More than Cute Webinar Series


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