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Tiakina te Kōrero for educators

How we work with kaiako to enrich ECE language environments 

Talking Matters is all about building Language Rich Environments (LRE) for tamariki in the first 1000 days. We know that when tamariki participate in LRE in their early years, their innate potential as competent, confident and creative communicators can be realised. The importance of LRE is backed not only by Western science, but is also grounded in indigenous knowledge.

Talking Matters draws on diverse sources of knowledge, strategies, resources and data to support everyone to play their part in building LREs for tamariki in Aotearoa. We partner with whānau, communities, practitioners, ECEs, iwi and government to co-design strategies that are specific and relevant to each context.

Alongside whānau, early childhood teachers are in a privileged position to make a huge difference in the lives of tamariki. Kaiako already know a lot about responsive interactions and have access to some awesome resources like Te Whāriki, Te Kōrerorero and others, offering science-based, accessible guidelines for promoting rich language. Talking Matters' contribution in ECE spaces is helping teachers ground the theory in their everyday practice, find strategies that work in their context, and measure the results of their mahi for continuous improvement.

What it takes to partner

Talking Matters operates on a partnership model. Educators are agents in the change they are making and that we support. Therefore, motivation and buy-in are key drivers of success.

Talking Matters covers the cost of all technology and resources that we bring. We expect partners to ensure teachers have capacity to meaningfully engage in the kaupapa. Our experience indicates that in order to generate sustainable change, kaiako need time to engage with the emerging data, learn and reflect on the change they are making. Non-contact time required changes with each intervention and can be negotiated based on each centre's needs and capacity.

A Talking Matters partnership will usually include these ingredients

What the journey looks like

The two cycles take approximately two terms. We can provide intensive support for up to two cycles and continue to offer targeted support afterwards.


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